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U3 4GB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Stick ( U3 4Gb USB Flash ) U3 4GB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Stick ( U3 4Gb USB Flash ) Maplin, Maplins ... M Box 2 - Pro Tools LE Recording Suite ( M Box 2 ) M Box 2 - Pro Tools LE Recording Suite ( M Box 2 ) Maplin, Maplins ... Right-Angled F Connector Adaptor ( Right-Angle F Adaptr ) Right-Angled F Connector Adaptor ( Right-Angle F Adaptr ) Maplin, Maplins ... Computer Cleaning Accessories ( Computer Dry Wipes ) <b>Computer Foam Cleaner</b>·Multi-purpose antistatic cleaner·Removes ingrained dirt, grease and grime·Safe on plastics, metals and painted surfaces·Antistatic formula reduces build up of dust·Pleasant apple fresh fragrance·Supplied in a 400ml aerosol can<b>Computer Screen Cleaner</b>·New generation screen cleaner - TFT and LCD safe·Stable, active foam - clings to vertical surface·Leaves brilliant smear-free finish·Suitable for using on TFT/LCD displays used in PCs, notebooks, laptops, mobile phones, camcorders and GPS systems·Removes all soiling·Leaves no residue·Supplied in a 400ml aerosol can<b>Dry Wipes</b>·Highly absorbent, soft, low-lint wipe·Good wet strength - does not disintegrate in use·Ideal for use with screen cleaner (Order Code N55BX) and foam cleaner (Order Code N54BX)·Packed in a resealable plastic bag·Supplied in packs of 25<b>Plastic Safe Wipes</b>·Highly effective cleaning - removes grease, grime, dirt and ink residues·Ideal for PC surface cleaning·Suitable for cases and keyboards·Antibacterial formula - can be used to clean and sanitize telephone handsets, mobiles, headsets and workstations·Supplied in handy resealable tub of 100 wipes·130mm x 180mm in size<b>Antistatic Screen Wipes</b>·Multi-screen use - safe on coated glass and ·TFT/LCD screens·Helps reduce the risk of eye strain·Alcohol free, non-smear formulation·Antistatic properties reduce build up of dust·Supplied in handy resealable tubs of 100 wipes·130mm x 180mm in size<b>Computer Airduster</b>·Quickly removes dust and debris·Ideal for use on keyboards, laptops, printers and photographic equipment·Non-flamm able formulation·Supplied in a 400ml aerosol can Please note that by law we are NOT allowed to sell butane or solvent based products to persons under the age of 18 ... Strip Lights ( Strip 60W Opal 221mm ) · Double ended strip lights· Supplied in 30W and 60W power rating· Available in 221mm and 284mm length· Supplied in clear and opal versions Ideal replacements for picture and shaver lights and other kitchen and bathroom lighting. Order 6BZ60WClearN37BZ60WOpal ... Super Silver Oxide Batteries ( Silver Batt SR60 ) Especially recomm ended for quartz watches and small calculators where the long and stable discharge characteristics are important. See the Silver Oxide Watch Battery Cross Reference to help identify your battery. In all instances, SRxx provides a superior replacement for LRxx, e.g. SR44 replaces LR44. Nominal voltage of all types 1.5V CodeTypeDimensionsNominalWeight(dia. x h mm )capacityJK33LSR635.8 x 2.110mAh0.3gFM36PSR606.8 x 2.112mAh0.34gJG83ESR666.8 x 2.620mAh0.4gFM33LSR587.9 x 2.116mAh0.45gFM35QSR597.9 x 2.623mAh0.5gFM30HSR417.9 x 3.630mAh0.7gFM32KSR487.9 x 5.458mAh1.1gFS76HSR699.5 x 2.125mAh0.6gFS75SSR579.5 x 2.634mAh0.75gFS74RSR459.5 x 3.652mAh1.0gFS73QSR5511.6 x 2.135mAh0.9gFM31JSR5411.6 x 3.164mAh1.3gFM29GSR4311.6 x 4.2110mAh1.8gFM28FSR4411.6 x 5.4150mAh2.7g ... Maplins Discount Coupons | Maplins Stores

Maplin Electrical, UK: Televisions, Photographic, Refrigeration … Maplin Electrical Store …

  • Purchase electrical products online from the leading UK electrical retailer - Maplin UK
  • Blank Media, Input Devices, Power Protection, Batteries … - Maplin prices are some of the lowest
  • Maplin Widescreen Televisions, Laptop Memory Upgrades, PC Memory Upgrade, Plasma televisions
  • Media Storage, Microphones, Monitors, Mouse / Wrist Pads, MP3 Players. Shopping for electricals at Maplins UK is so easy!
  • CD Labelers & Supplies, Digital Cameras, Dust Covers, Flash Card Readers … all at Maplin Electronics!
  • Maplin Printers: Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, All-In-One Printers, Plasma TV deals, Photo Printers, Dot Matrix / Impact Printers, Label Printers, Thermal Printers, Fax Machines
Computer Gaming at Maplins: PC & Mac, Xbox, GameCube, Playstation 2, Game Boy, Strategy Guides, Board Games - /

Maplin is the leading UK electrical retailer and reseller of personal computer-related products and services … the best price for UK electricals!

About Maplin:  • Maplins Electronics has been in the electrical retail business for years and Maplins is - in our opinion - the UK's most successful online electrical store, providing quality products - and quality service - with the best price on Maplins electrical goods, brand-name electronics, and thousands more besides. These days when you shop at Maplins you can find everything from printers to pocket PC's and plasma screen televisions! - /

  • Buy wireless products from Linksys, D-Link, NETGEAR, TRENDware, Hawking Technology and more - Maplins has a huge range, with the best price too!
  • Plasma televisions from Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Philips, Daewoo Electronics …
  • Maplins Desktop PC Memory Upgrades, Printer Memory Upgrades. For the best price … shop Maplins UK!
  • Projection TV's from Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Apex Digital … Maplins has literally hundreds of televisions to choose from.
  • TVs, Audio, Home Theater, DVR, DVD Players/Recorders, VCRs, A/V Cables, Remote Controls
  • Plasma TV's from Maplins feature some of the best prices available - buying a plasma TV from Maplins is money wisely spent!

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Plasma televisions, digital cameras, printers … Settle for nothing less than the best - shop Maplins !

Maplins operates approximately 225 stores in 90 major metropolitan markets. These Maplins Superstores serve retail, corporate, government and education customers and include technical service departments. Maplins's inventory includes all major brands of computers and information products including Apple, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Toshiba and more. Maplins also carries more than 2,000 software titles. Many of the Maplins stores include classroom training facilities.

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  • Plasma Televisions from Panasonic, Plasma TV Discounts from Pioneer, Plasma TV deals from Samsung, Philips plasma televisions, Best Plasma Television Price from Daewoo … At Maplins "Plasma TV" is just another name for "bargain"
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  • Widescreen HDTV Monitors, TV/DVD Combo, LCD Drop Down TV, Real Flat TV, LCD HDTV - all at Maplins!

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