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Maplin Electrical, UK: Shopping At Maplin Has Never Been So Easy …

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The Maplin UK Store is well known for it's quality Electrical products and extensive range of affordable home entertainment systems and Maplin widescreen TV products:
  • Maplin store has one of the best selections of electrical goods and home audio products of any UK Electrical store
  • The Maplin Online Store has an outstanding collection of unique Electrical products - and the best prices!
  • At Maplin, as with any Maplin store, you'll find a strong commitment to great prices throughout
  • The Maplin Direct team has an equally strong commitment to making your shopping experience fun - and also very affordable!
  • At Maplin Website, as with any Maplin transaction, you'll find well-trained staff committed to quality service
The enviable reputation of Maplin has been established over many years, and is built upon the well-founded principles of respecting one's customers and offering value for money. Maplin brand-name which is recognised throughout the UK, and also far beyond. When you buy from Maplin Website you wont be disappointed!

You'll find more than just the best prices at Maplin Website … You'll also find all the top electronics brand-names. Take a look at just some of the top names you'll find online at Maplin Electrical:
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So, whether you're looking for a great deal on a digital TV, or the best price on a Sony DVD camcorder, or any one of a thousand other best-ever prices, you'll find that Maplin Electrical is a great place to start!

Select the following Maplin link to buy electronics components, laptops, cameras and more, at the Maplin UK Website

Maplin Electrical is one of the UK's leading Electrical retailers, offering the most competitive choice of mainly branded, quality products at consistently the lowest prices in the local market. The core range of Maplin products include TV, video, audio, Cooking, MDA, Small domestic appliances, Communications, Multimedia, Electronics and New technology accessories. Maplin Stores are unrelated to the Dixons Stores Group which includes Dixons, Currys, PC World and The Link.

The wide array of products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplin offers to take advantage of:

Watchmakers'' Mallet With Six Heads ( 6 Head Hammer ), at Maplin
· A high quality jewellers'' and watchmakers'' mallet middot; 6 interchangeable screw-on heads middot; Consists of 4 steel, 1 brass and 1 acrylic head middot; Handle has an increased diameter and is knurled for additional grip middot; Handle length: 185mm middot; Weight: 3oz

Micro Leds ( Micro Leds Red 4pk ), at Maplin
· Small LEDs ideal for fitting behind vents, speaker grills, etc. middot; Suitable for interior & exterior fitment middot; 4 LEDs per pack middot; Available in blue, red and white

High Temperature Radial Electrolytic Capacitors ( 470uf50v 105c ), at Maplin
· A range of high temperature, miniature radial electrolytic capacitors middot; Offering excellent reliability and long life - up to 2000 hours at 105°C. The capacitors are ideal for use in the output circuits of switching power supplies and other high temperature environments such as monitors and automotive applications. At lower operating temperatures, life expectancy is well over 10 to 15 years.

Metallic-effect Light Switches ( 2g 2w Brass Lt Sw ), at Maplin
· Slimline, modern design middot; Stylish metallic finish middot; Supplied with fixing screws middot; Available in brass and chrome

Numark Idec ( Numark Idec ), at Maplin
· A/V playback and recording rack interface for iPod middot; Large, easy-to-use transport controls and selection wheel middot; Universal dock for iPod syncs directly with iTunes middot; Recording inputs with clip indication make recording to iPod a breeze middot; Record directly to iPod (5th gen & Classic) and iPod nano (2nd or 3rd gen) middot; RCA line inputs (stereo pair) middot; RCA line outputs (stereo pair) middot; S-Video output middot; Composite video output middot; 2RU 19-inch rack-mountable design middot; Solid steel industrial construction iDEC gives you professional rack integration of your iPod into any live DJ or music rig. With high performance digital audio and video playback, quality audio recording, and its convenient interface with both the 19-inch rack-mount world and docking to your computer, iDEC is a must-have for every rack! DEC’s universal dock for iPod lets you can play audio and video from any docking iPod out through integrated outputs, or instantly capture incoming audio at CD-quality 44.1 kHz sampling rate. hether you are a DJ, musician, or installation professional servicing bars, restaurants, or large stadiums, iDEC is the ideal pro-grade solution for iPod recording or music and video playback.

Digital Battery Tester ( Digi Battery Tester ), at Maplins
· At-a-glance indication of battery voltage middot; Convenient LCD display middot; Suitable for 1.5V, 9V and button cell batteries This handy battery tester features an LCD bargraph display that indicates the actual terminal voltage of the battery under test. The display is also divided into three colour-coded zones for simple ‘good’, ‘weak’ and ‘poor’ results. he base pulls down to accomodate all standard 1.5V batteries, including button cells (watch batteries), AAAA, AAA, AA, C and D sizes. The top has two flat terminals for testing 9V PP3 type batteries. The base pushes fully in for compact storage. Suitable for all carbon, zinc, alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Powered by one AAA battery (included).

Desktop Discone Antenna ( Desktop Discone Ant ), at Maplin
Increase the performance of your canner with this indoor table top scanner antenna. Ideal for those who want the performance of an outdoor antenna without the hassle of erecting one.

Sma Plug To Bnc Socket Adaptor ( Sma M To Bnc F ), at Maplins
Allows a BNC plug to be connected to an SMA socket.

Heavy Duty Male 3-pole Xlr Chassis Connector ( Hq Xlr M Chassis ), at Maplin
· Perfect for outdoor applications middot; Sealing gasket for water tight panel mount middot; IP65 - in combination with NC3FX-HD cable connector middot; Gold plated contacts middot; Fastening nut included middot; Neutrik part NC3MPR-HD Heavy duty sealed male 3-pole XLR chassis connector for outdoor use. Dust and water ingress sealing to IP65 rating is achieved by using HD cable connector (NC3FX-HD). These chassis connectors can be used perfectly for outdoor and weatherproof applications as well as in a wide range of industrial applications.

Esd Long Nose Pliers ( Esd Long Nose Plier ), at Maplin
· Manufactured from high carbon steel middot; High-quality precision tool designed for fine assembly and adjustment operations on electronic circuits middot; The pliers is supplied with a conductive handle for ESD Manufactured from high carbon steel. Accurately machined, this high quality precision tool is designed for fine assembly and adjustment operations on electronic circuits. This plier is supplied with a conductive handle for ESD.

Cat 5e Utp Patch Cables ( Grey Utp X-over 1m ), at Maplin
· A range of high quality RJ45 CAT5e UTP patch leads middot; Idal for data networking middot; Available in extended lengths and various colours. New!!! available in extra long 30m, 40m and 50m lengths.

Cd-r Audio 80 Minute 5 And 10 Packs ( Cd-raudio 80min 10pk ), at Maplins
· Ultimate compatibility and sound performance middot; 80 minute recordable audio CD middot; Available in 5 and 10 packs 80 minute CD recordable audio using advanced TDK REFLEX technology which ensures ultimate compatibility and sound performance with all digital CD recorders.

Ut-70d True Rms Professional Autoranging Digital Multimeter ( Uni-t Ut70d Dmm ), at Maplin
Featuring powerful test functions, high precision, fast response & a robust design, this True RMS intelligent digital multimeter is top of the range. It has an 80,000 count high resolution backlit display & a revolutionary PCB design, using SMT co Featuring powerful test unctions, high precision, fast response & a robust design, this True RMS intelligent digital multimeter is top of the range. It has an 80,000 count high resolution backlit display & a revolutionary PCB design, using SMT components, which greatly improves stability, reliability & durability. The RS232C interface is optically isolated, so your PC. is safe from accidental damage as there is no physical connection between your computer & the meter when they are interfaced.

Standard Candle Bulbs ( 25w Candle Clr Ses ), at Maplin
· Available in 25W, 40W and 60W middot; Available in opal and clear middot; A range of candle bulbs ideal for standard ceiling and wall lights middot; Supplied with 4 different base fittings: ES, SES, BC and SBC and available in either clear or opal

11.1v 6-cells L/top Batt Samsung Q35 ( Samsung L/top Batt14 ), at Maplins
· Quality laptop battery for this specific make of laptop

11.1v 4800mah L/top Batt Dell Latitude D410 ( Dell L/top Batt 20 ), at Maplins
· Quality laptop battery for this specific make of laptop

Plastic 2.5mm Mono Line Socket ( 2.5 Line Socket ), at Maplin
A 2.5mm mono line jack socket with plastic barrel and moulded cable strain relief .

3mm Low Current Leds ( 2ma 3mm He Red Led ), at Maplin
A range of 3mm diameter, very low current (2mA) LEDs available in 4 colours. Features include high light output at low current and low power consumption. All types have a diffused lens and a wide viewing angle of 60°.

Snap-lock Automotive Cable Connectors ( Quick Snap Conn 10pk ), at Maplin
A very quick and reliable way of connecting additional cables to existing wiring in automotive applications, for example fitting car alarms, radio-cassette units, etc. The cables to be joined are placed inside the snap-lock connector, the cover is pushed home with a pair of pliers and locks shut, thus completing the connection. Suitable for cable up to 3mm diameter and rated at 8A. Made from nylon with tin-pated brass contacts. upplied in packs of 10.

Soundforce 2.1 Pro Speaker System ( Soundforce Pro 2.1 ), at Maplins
· 2.1 speaker set including subwoofer with a total RMS power output of 24 watts middot; Powerful wooden subwoofer providing quality sound with maximised bass middot; Compact, space-saving satellite design for clear mid and high range audio response middot; Convenient wired remote with volume control, stand-by switch and headphone connection middot; Extra bass control on the back of the subwoofer middot; Magnetically shielded - safe for use near PCs or monitors

Foldable Webcam ( Foldable Webcam ), at Maplins
· Suitable for all chat programmes and to take with you everywhere middot; When folded in, the base protects the lens middot; Improved picture quality middot; Supports: Windows 98SE, 2000 and XP

Ultra Quiet 120mm Case Fan ( Aka Ultra Quiet 12cm ), at Maplin
· Precision balanced low air impedance fan blades for ultra quiet acoustics middot; Dim: 120 x 120 x 25mm middot; Rated speed: 1400 RPM middot; Sound: 18.0 dB(A) middot; Air flow: 44.8 CFM middot; Bearing: Twin ball bearing middot; Life expentancy: 80,000/ hrs middot; Includes 3 to 4-pin adapter and screw pack

11.1v 3100mah L/top Batt Ibm Thinkpad 240 Series ( Ibm L/top Batt 1 ), at Maplins
· Quality laptop battery for this specific make of laptop

Multi-core Screened Cable Type 7-1-c ( Multi-core 4-way ), at Maplin
· To DEF STAN 61-12 parts 4 and 5 middot; Multi-core cables with overall braided screens middot; Stranded cores 7/0.1mm tinned copper conductors with PVC insulation wrapped overall in Melinex tape middot; Covered with a braided screen and sheathed in grey PVC This product is sold in units of 1 metre, up to a maximum length in 1 piece of 100 metres. Orders placed for a quantity of 100 units, or multiples of 100 units will be supplied on a reel; otherwise the cable will be supplied cut to length. To place an order for this product, order the Maplin order code multiplied by the total number of units you require. lease note: These cables are not intended for use as power cables and must not be used to directly connect equipment to the mains power supply.

Locking Foot Switch ( Dpdt Lock Foot Sw ), at Maplins
Hard wearing push-on, push-off DPDT switch with strong metal shaft & knob suitable for use as a foot operated switch.

3.5mm Jack To Twin Phono Socket ( 3.5mm To 2 Phono Adp ), at Maplins
· 24K hard gold-plated connectors middot; Designed to allow a twin phono plug lead connect to a 3.5mm jack socket middot; Lifetime warranty

Murano Solar Garden Globe - Aqua ( Murano Aqua Solar ), at Maplins
· Installs in seconds – no assembly middot; Infinity Maxi solar cell middot; 1 x AA rechargeable battery – approx. life 2 years – standard replacement part middot; 1 white super bright LED middot; Hand blown and stained glass gives each pieces total individuality middot; Powder coated aluminium post and ground stake middot; Manual on/off switch gives total control middot; Switches on automatically at dusk if "on" setting is selected middot; Up to 8 hours'' run time per night middot; Use as a solar light, plant stake or unique piece of garden art middot; Supplied with detailed user instructions Murano blends modern technology with centuries old skills of hand blowing glass. Each unique glass globe contains embedded luminescent crystal which, once dark, give a wonderful glow but when you add in a super bright white LED bulb powered by our state of the art solar cell, the effect is truly wondrous. Once dark the “Aqua" globe appears to magically float in the air – truly inspiring!

4-light Dj Sequencer ( 4 Light Sequencer ), at Maplin
· Sound-to-light control middot; Tough metal housing middot; Can stand either vertically or horizontally middot; Hanging bracket middot; Bulbs included One of the oldest and most widely used effects and still as popular as ever! This four-light sequencer includes sound-to-light control and is constructed using a tough metal housing. Simply plug into a mains AC 240V socket and swicth on turn up the music. A great effect for any party or disco. Spare bulbs available(R80 60W ES coloured bulbs)

Ac/dc Fixed-voltage Switched Mode Power Supplies ( 18v 1.11a Smps ), at Maplins
· A range of switched mode power supplies in various voltages middot; Wide input voltage of AC 100 - 230V for worldwide use with the necessary plug adaptors middot; Supplied with 6 of the most popular power tips This range of power supplies can operate from an input voltage of between AC100-240V making them ideal for use all over the world - all that’s needed is a convertor for the UK mains plug. The power supplies are complete with 6 of the most popular power tips, which can be inserted either way around to provide a centre positive or centre negative polarity.

Energy-efficient Home Manual Hardback ( Energy Efficient Mnl ), at Maplin
· Reduce your fuel bills middot; Expert advise on saving energy and conserving water middot; Help the environment middot; Step-by-step Instructions and projects to undertake Soaring fuel bills, summer water shortages and a concern for the environment and the damaging effects of greenhouse gases mean that homeowners everywhere are growing more and more interested in cutting down their energy and water consumption. Even without the prospect of tax incentives for installing ''green'' measures around your home, energy-saving is currently one of the hottest topics in the DIY world and this handy book should be the green DIY-er''s bible. With advice on assessing your home''s energy efficiency and dozens of simple energy-saving and water-wise tips, you''ll be able to cut down your bills in a flash. here are also clear, illustrated step-by-step projects for installing loft insulation, draught-proofing your doors and windows, improving the efficiency of your central heating, fixing wasteful dripping taps and much more.

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Maplin Website really does have something for everyone, and provides an incredible range of top-quality brand-names at low, low prices!
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  • Maplin Desktop PC Memory Upgrades, Printer Memory Upgrades
  • Projection TV's from Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Apex Digital … Maplin has literally hundreds of televisions to choose from.
  • TVs, Audio, Home Theater, DVR, DVD Players/Recorders, VCRs, A/V Cables, Remote Controls
  • Plasma TV's from Maplin feature some of the best prices available - buying a plasma TV from Maplin is money wisely spent!

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